BOOM Esports - winners of BTS Pro Series Season 8 SEA

The grand final duel has come to an end. The final fight was quite intriguing and turned out to be a full-fledged Bo5 match. The first map ended in 38 minutes in favor of BOOM, after which the players of this team took the second map, but already in 55 minutes. BOOM Esports were one step away from winning this event, but Team SMG rallied and began to make a comeback. It was very difficult to take the third map to SMG, however, 49 minutes after its start, the throne of BOOM Esports fell and the total score on the scoreboard turned out to be 2-1. This inspired the players for a full-fledged comeback and the representatives of Team SMG took the fourth map without any problems, but already in 34 minutes. When the score was equal and only one won card separated both teams from the coveted victory, the teams fought in the last battle. BOOM Esports corrected their mistakes and beat the rivals in 30 minutes, securing the first line in the standings.

BOOM Esports have worked their way to the Grand Final through the Upper Bracket. There, they first beat Galaxy Racer 2-0 before defeating Team SMG 2-1. SMG beat Execration in the first round of the Upper Bracket with a score of 2-1, and in the final of the Lower Bracket they defeated Motivate.Trust Gaming and got a chance to take a rematch from BOOM Esports, but the opportunity slipped away, being so close.

For their efforts, BOOM received the main cash award of $ 24,000, and Team SMG earned $ 13,800 as a silver medalist.

BTS Pro Series Season 8 kicked off on September 7th and will end on September 26th. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 60,000. The winner will take home $ 24,000, while the silver medalist will receive $ 13,800. The bronze medalist will close the top three and earn $ 7,900 for his work.

Results of BTS Pro Series Season 8 SEA