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Dota 2: the game that conquered the world

Dota 2 is one of the most popular MOBA games which currently belongs to the most played esports games. According to the recent researches, currently it has more than 13 million of active players, and it definitely deserves to be called the most played game in the world. The number of players is rising all the time, and this is quite obvious. Everyone who starts his way in esports sooner or later tries it, and the understanding comes that Defense of the Ancients 2 (which is actually the full name of the game) is the best choice. There are many professional teams that play this game on professional arena, and every player would like to become one of those lucky ones who can demonstrate their skill on the professional arena. On our website, we cover all topic connected with this game:

Understanding of dota 2 games

Initially, the game became popular among WoW players, as it was a map of the WoW game. However, over time it started to attract other players who have never played WoW before. Due to easy understandable rules of dota 2 games, the game reaches to top popularity in a short time. The game is played between two teams, one of the belonging to the Radiant side, and other team to Dire. Before the game starts, the players choose heroes out of 113 available. Each hero has its own skills and basic characteristics:

Also, the game has different items that may be used to make your hero more powerful. In fact, in dota 2 games it is extremely important to understand how the items affect the heroes and how to use skills of the heroes.

Professional arena of dota 2 esports

As one of the games being played on the professional esports arena, it deserves a special place on egamersworld website. We know that our visitors would like to get to know as much about this game and the news in this game as possible, so we do our best to satisfy the needs of our readers. You can always find the most recent information on dota 2 esports news, including:

Besides, we have streams and fan videos section where you can watch recent matches and read our predictions concerning the results.

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If you have always dreamt to try yourself in betting, you will find all necessary information for that. We have a guide section where the odds are explained as well as game rules. You will find the guidelines on how to bet on dota 2 website and how to estimate the possible winnings. We try to make every match the most beneficial for your betting so we provide our own forecasts along with the bookmaker odds. If you have some hesitations, you may rely upon our experience!