x6tence took Plopski for the trial period

x6tence informed about taking 15-years-old Nicolas «Plopski» Gonzalez Zamor for the trial period in the team.

Nicolas Gonzalez Zamora will replace Omar «arki» Chakkor, who refused to play in the main roster because he lost his condition.

x6tence hope that fresh blood will help the team to reach better results and pave the way to winning.

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Plopski successfully played his first match in x6tence this night, winning against Homeless eSports with 2-0 score during ESEA Main.

x6tence roster:

Aitor «SOKER» Fernández
David «Kairi» de Miguel
Galder «bladE» Barcena
Antonio «FlipiN» Rivas del Rey
Nicolas «Plopski» Gonzalez Zamora (trial period)

Omar «arki» Chakkor (substitute)
Laratz «dracU» Domínguez (coach)