Winterfox lost emagine

Chris «emagine» Rowlands announced that he left Winterfox.

When Winterfox parted ways with Christopher «dexter» Nong, Razmik «RaZ» Bastadjan was invited to the team, and the organization hoped that a new AWP will help to get better results but the attempt was unsuccessful.

The teams started to demonstrate bad results losing the qualifiers to ECS Season 3 and StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3.

Winterfox now are looking for a new player, and once they find him, they will focus the efforts to show good results on ESL Pro League Season 5 tournament. It should be mentioned, that the team has problems with leaving Oceania and gather in their playing home in Las Vegas. The problems appeared when the players did not manage to get a visa.

When emagine left Winerfox, he decided to give an interview to portal and told the following:

«After exploring my options I have decided to leave Winterfox. It became apparent the dynamics in the team were clearly not conducive to our success. I wish my former teammates good luck in the future.

I would also like to thank Brian (Owner of Winterfox) for the opportunity and support during our time with the organization.

For now I will be weighing my options, interested parties can reach me at»

Currently, the Winterfox roster is the following:

Ryan «zewsy» Palmer
Razmik «RaZ» Bastadjan
Chris «ofnu» Hanley
Mike «Moku» Aliferis