Vega Squadron made changed to the CS:GO roster

The representatives of the esports organization have informed about that on their website.

The management of Vega Squadron decided to bench keshandr and mir and set players on a transfer.

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Sergey Nikishin and Nikolay Bityukov were playing under the tag Vega Squadron from March to December 2015 and from November 2016 to the present day.

The comment of the management of the organization:

«Our team has always been a single entity and never stepped away from the principles that have been created since the creation of the team. The players passed through dozens of challenges and grew up together as professionals. The time passed, the team started facing problems more often and we had to try double hard to fix them. The players were separating from each other more and more and their vectors of the development had different ways. We tried to unite them but, unfortunately, this was unsuccessful.

It was very difficult for us to make this decision and we tried to avoid it in any case. Today, two players have been benched and are set on a transfer. The organization is grateful to the players for all the time we have spent together, for all victories we have achieved».

The comment of Artem «Fierce» Ivanov, a coach of the roster:

«At the moment, the team is separated into two groups. The first one wanted to make radical changes to the training process, the approach to Counter-Strike in general and to general aspects. The second one offered to follow the old plan and to play a lot. In any case, this method brought guys to some result.

Unfortunately, attempts to find a balance and a compromise failed and a permanent pressure from each of players declined individual and team results».

The future of the CS:GO roster will become known later.