tRICKED eSport has signed AcilioN and Friis

After the leave of Jakob «JUGi» Hansen from the team to Team Heroic, tRICKED eSport was in search of new players.

Asger «AcilioN» Larsen has shown his desire to continue an eSports career by returning to the Danish team after being in North America half a year. AcilioN was a part of team Splyce and decided to leave it in January. Such turn of events was not able to surprise someone because it was very expectative.

As for Michael «Friis» Jørgensen, he was inactive during the last month after he had been benched in Team Heroic.

At this moment the roster of tRICKED eSport is as follows:

Nicolai «HUNDEN» Petersen
Patrick «es3tag» Hansen
Johannes «b0RUP» Borup
Asger «AcilioN» Larsen
Michael «Friis» Jørgensen