Timetable for V4 Future Sports Festival known

The organizers of V4 Future Sports Festival revealed the timetable of the Hungarian tournament.

The championship will take place on 23-25 March in Budapest. The holding place will be BOK Hall Indoor Arena, and the prize pool will consist of €500,000.

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The distinct feature of the tournament is that minimum one member of the team is a representative of the country of the Visegrád Group (The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland). In total, eight collectives will take part in the championship. Among them we can see FaZe Clan, mousesports, HellRaisers, Virtus.pro, eXtatus, Dark Tigers, x-kom Team and GameAgents. The former 4 participants were invited directly and the latter ones were to make it with the help of the regional qualifiers.

Timetable of the championship is the following:

Friday, 23 March

10:00 — mousesports vs. x-kom Team
10:00 — HellRaisers vs. Dark Tigers
12:30 — HellRaisers vs. GameAgents
12:30 — x-kom Team vs. eXtatus
15:00 — Dark Tigers vs. FaZe Clan
15:00 — Virtus.pro vs. eXtatus
18:00 — Dark Tigers vs. GameAgents
18:00 — Virtus.pro vs. mousesports
20:30 — mousesports vs. eXtatus
20:30 — FaZe Clan vs. GameAgents
23:00 — Virtus.pro vs. x-kom Team
23:00 — FaZe Clan vs. HellRaisers

Saturday, 25 March

10:00 — Semifinal #1
13:30 — Semifinal #2
19:00 — Grand final