The Russia national football and basketball teams will compete in a CS:GO showmatch

It has become known recently that Russian eSports Federation will host a CS:GO show match for the national football and basketball rosters.

The comment of the general secretary and CEO of Russian eSports Federation, Emin Antonian:

«We are going to host a CS:GO showmatch between the players of the Russia national football and basketball teams, the event will be run under the guidance of RBF, RFU, and REF. Everyone has a very busy schedule at the end of the year but we are working on the issue».

There is no information about the date and the rosters of the teams at the moment, however, there is a guess that the match will happen at the end of 2017.

Evgeny Markov, a forward of FC «Tosno» has said that CS:GO is enough popular among sportsmen. He has also informed that he often spends his spare time in the shooter eSports discipline with his colleagues, a halfback of FC «Zenit» Oleg Shatov, a halfback of CSKA and the Russia national football team Alan Dzagoev and other football players.