The final stage of ECS Season 4 will take place in Mexico

Organizers of the fourth season of the championship ECS have informed fans that the final stage of the tournament will be hosted at a five-star hotel Hard Rock Hotel Cancun in Mexico. Representatives of ECS also have said that the fifth season will take place in London, Great Britain.

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A comment of the co-founder of FACEIT and Chief Business Officer, Michele Attisani:

"As the first esports league to partner with the teams in a co-ownership agreement, ECS was founded with the goal of creating a player-friendly environment. This season, we wanted to host the ECS finals in a location that gives teams an opportunity to compete in the most competitively balanced environment we can achieve. These teams work hard all year long with matches, practices and training, and by bringing them to Cancun, we hope that ECS will help fire up their competitive spirits.”

Eight teams will compete in the championship, four represent North America and four more will play, representing Europe, they are fighting for slots in the LAN finals right now. The competition starts on December 15 and will last two days, a prize pool amounts about $750,000.