Team SoloMid tires the contract with sgares

Sean «sgares» Gares announced his fans that he has tired a contract with TSM. The decision was taken after the conflict with esports club.

Previously, American professional organization of esports (PEA) prohibited the teams belonging to the organization to participate in ESL Pro League. Most of the esportsmen were dissatisfied with this decision - they wrote a letter where they proclaimed their desire to participate in ESL Pro League. This letter was signed by almost all esportsmen who belong to PEA, including TSM representatives.

Andy «Reginald» Dinh, who is the owner of Team SoloMid, told that Sean «sgares» Gares tricked other members of the team to sign this letter. Andy was distributed by the fact that the players did not tell the management of the organization that they want to send the letter, as they could spoil the reputation of the famous American organization.

After this situation, the owner of the team and the captain of the team decided that Sean should better leave the organization. Shahzeeb «ShahZaM» Khan immediately told that he would not play without «sgares», so he would also probably change the team.

The roster was created 7 days ago, and the organization management wanted to get Sean «sgares» Gares into the CS:GO roster so badly that they decided to move the training house to the district where a player lived.

TSM current roster:

Hunter «SicK» Mims
Russel «Twistzz» Van Dulken
Skyler «Relyks» Weaver
Shahzeeb «ShahZaM» Khan (wants to leave the roster)