Team Kinguin won ESL Clash of Nations

Today, ESL Clash of Nations ended where the players predominantly from the European division participated. The prize pool for the event was $10,000 and it was distributed between the participants in the following way:

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1 place — Kinguin - $5,000
2 place — Endpoint - $3,000
3 place — PANTHERS - $1,000
4 place — Movistar Riders - $1,000
5 place — Giants
6 place — ex-Outlaws
7 place — KPI
8 place — EnVyUs Academy

It should be mentioned that Team Kinguin demonstrated perfect results in the championship and took the first place in the group stage with 2-0 statistics. They beat Movistar Riders and Team Endpoint with 2-0 score. The Polish players lost any map during this event.

Team Kinguin roster:

Michal «MICHU» Muller
Grzegorz «SZPERO» Dziamalek
Mikolaj «mouz» Karolewski
Karol «rallen» Rodowicz
Kacper «Kap3r» Sloma