Team Immunity lost the roster

Australian organization announced parting ways with CS:GO roster.

The management of Team Immunity informed about that a few hours after their CS:GO roster took the third place on ZEN Esports Network Season 1 Finals in Sydney.

Along with the disband of the team, players announced that Montheara «prakM» Prak will replace James «James» Quinn permanently.

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Mohammed «MoeycQ» Tizani, a team player, commentaries:

«The reasoning behind the removal of JAMES was just due to personal issues. There were a lot of personality clashes and things of that nature. It just became a toxic environment and it needed immediate fixing. Since the removal of JAMES – no disrespect to him as a player, he’s a great in-game leader with great fragging capability – the environment in general has been a lot better.

We’ve united as a team and hopefully, after this event, we can solidify a few things and get back to work.

prakM’s a great kid. Very sharp, very up and coming, quite talented, good attitude. It’ll help to have that consistent five and have Alex, MAGIKK, our coach, be a lot more consistent in his role.

Put that all together and I think, hopefully, we should have a good performance at our next event.»

James «James» Quinn commentaries:

«It was not working out between myself and the players, and I decided it would be better for myself and the team to part ways, but I wish them nothing but the best.

A big 'thank you' needs to go to Tony «Sent1nel» Trubridge (owner of Team Immunity), who's done more than enough for me personally, I owe a lot to him.

As for now - my future - I'm exploring all opportunities in regards to coaching or playing, but as soon as I have something concrete I will make a full statement.»

The players were invited to Asia Minor Championship 2017 — Krakow. ex-Immunity roster:

Callum «BURNRUOk» Henderson
Mohammed «MoeycQ» Tizani
Sean «Gratisfaction» Kaiwai
Erka «erkaSt» Gantulga
Montheara «prakM» Prak