STYKO moved to mousesports instead of denis

HellRaisers have informed on the official website today that Martin «STYKO» Styk had moved to the ranks of mousesports, having replaced Denis «denis» Howell.

Previously, Martin had a chance to move to mousesports in March 2017 but decided to stay at HellRaisers.

Despite he had signed again a contract with the Ukrainian organization in April, STYKO moved to the German eSports organization. This has happened due to a series of unsatisfactory results of the CS:GO roster.

To set a free position for the player, Denis «denis» Howell has had to part ways with mousesports that had got to a top 16 of PGL Major Krakow 2017 but had not come out to a playoff.

This replacement on the roster is the second one for mousesports during the season. Previously, the team signed Miikka «suNny» Kemppi, having relieved Christian «loWel» Garcia Antoran of his player duties.

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A comment of a mousesports’ coach, Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov:

«Martin is a very smart player. I have been working with him before and know what he is capable of. He can adapt to almost any role in a team. STYKO will be able to support chrisJ with calling our strategies and be very helpful in clutch situations.»

A Martin «STYKO» Styk’s comment:

«I am very pleased with the opportunity to be part of mousesports and rejoining with my former teammates Oskar and my former coach. We will have a rather busy schedule during the next few months, but I am sure we will mix well within the team in terms of in-game roles and personalities.»

Also, Martin wrote a post on TwitLonger, in which he informed about why he had wanted to leave HellRaisers:

«I wanted to write a twitlonger on why I wanted to leave from HR, why mouz offered me a spot and why I accepted it. But then I realized my best option would be to just shut down haters who judge roster changes based off of stats by showing myself playing well on the server. And by playing well I do not mean dropping 30 bomb every map, but rather letting stars on my team shine even brighter and stepping up when it is needed.

I do not want to go over issues we had towards the end of my career in HR. Those people close to our team knew them and it came to a point where a roster change would be a better solution. I am thankful to these people nonetheless! They gave me a chance to sign my first contract 21 months ago when I was just an FPL pugger with little knowledge of how competitive CS:GO works.»

The new mousesports roster:

Chris «chrisJ» de Jong
Tomáš «oskar» Šťastný
Robin «ropz» Kool
Miikka «suNny» Kemppi
Martin «STYKO» Styk

Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov:

The new roster of mousesports will make a debut at ESL Pro League Season 5 in the match against GODSENT on August 22.