Space Soldiers became the champion of Binary Dragons Season 1

The first season of the tournament Binary Dragons, which was carried out online, came to the end. 16 teams, mainly from Europe, has taken part in the competition and Space Soldiers has become the winner of the championship. The team confidently came out of its group and won Epsilon eSports and FlipSid3 Tactics on its way to the final having guaranteed itself the place in the final.

The grand final was carried till two victories and the mix, which protected the colors of PENTA Sports became the opponent of Turks. Space Soldiers won with a score 2:1 and earned the main prize - $12,000.

The tournament’s bracket:

The division of the prize pool:

1st place: Space Soldiers - $12,000
2nd place: PENTA Sports - $5,000
3rd place: FlipSid3 Tactics - $1,500
4th place: Pride Gaming - $1,500