Smooya and kioShiMa made their own mix for participating in the elimination round for DreamHack

They will play together with David ‘devoduvek’ Dobrosavljevic, Bugra ‘Calyx’ Arkin and Robin ‘robiin’ Sjorgen.

At the moment we don’t know whether it is going to be a single performance at the qualifier for DreamHack Open Summer 2019 or it is not. Despite the name of the team, only Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield is a benchwarmer. The other players perform for little-known teams and mixes or are free agents.

benchwarmers will be participating in the open qualifier for DH Open Summer 2019 that will be held on 4 May. The best teams will make it to the closed qualifiers that will be happening on 5 May. All the teams will fight for an invitation to the LAN final the events of which will be going on in Sweden.

benchwarmers roster:

Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield
Fabien ‘kioShiMa’ Fiey
David ‘devoduvek’ Dobrosavljevic
Bugra ‘Calyx’ Arkin
Robin ‘robiin’ Sjorgen