SK Gaming signed felps

Ex-players of the Brazilian team Immortals Joao «felps» Vasconcellos officially became a part of SK Gaming. The German esports organization announced about that on their official website.

Before joining SK Gaming, felps has been playing for a team as a substitute member.

The first information about the possibility that felps joins the main roster of SK Gaming appeared at the end of the previous year, when Lincoln «fnx» Lau left the team.

In the official press-release of the organization, SK Gaming announced that felps joined the team at the bootcamp in California and is currently preparing for DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017. DreamHack Las Vegas 2017 is scheduled on February 15-19.

Joao has been playing for Immortals since 2016. Together with the Brazilian roster, he won DreamHack Summer 2016, Northern Arena 2016 Toronto and iBUYPOWER Masters 2016.

SK Gaming по CS:GO roster:

Gabriel «FalleN» Toledo
Fernando «fer» Alvarenga
Marcelo «coldzera» David
Epitacio «TACO» de Melo
Joao «felps» Vasconcellos