Shox and kennyS invited to HTC 2vs2 CS:GO Invitational

The organizers of CS:GO tournament with a non-standard format invited two French esportsmen to participate in the upcoming event.

Shox and kennyS became the first esportsmen to get the invites to HTC 2vs2. In general, 16 players divided into 8 teams will participate in the event.

HTC 2vs2 CS:GO Invitational will take place in PGL studio, Bucharest, Romania, on May 13 – 14. The prize pool for the tournament is $50,000. The winners of the event will get the main prize of $20,000.

Currently, Richard «shox» Papillon and Kenny «kennyS» Schrub play for G2 Esports. Shox has been playing for the French team since February 1 of the previous year, and kennyS joined the team on February 3, 2017.