ShahZaM returned to the main roster of Misfits

After a short rest, Shahzeb «ShahZaM» Khan returned to the main roster and replaced Relyks.

From now on, Skyler «Relyks» Weaver moves to reserve again.

Misfits trapped into a troubling situation when Sean «seang@res» Gares and Shahzeb «ShahZaM» Khan could not visit Americas Minor last week.

In-game leader of the team, Sean Gares missed the event as he could not miss his own wedding. As it was expected, Sean came back to the active roster of Misfits.

After demonstrating disappointing results in the tournament, the team announced that ShahZaM and Sean Gares return to their position. The Brazilian player Caio «zqkS» Fonseca, who replaced ShahZaM, returned to Brazil.

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Misfits roster:

Sean «seang@res» Gares
Hunter «SicK» Mims
Shahzeb «ShahZaM» Khan
David «devoduvek» Dobrosavljevic
François «AmaNEk» Delaunay

Luis «peacemaker» Tadeu (coach)

Skyler «Relyks» Weaver (backup)