Sergej moved to inactive

Representatives of the organization HAVU made a statement that Jere «sergej» Salo had made a decision to move to inactive for the undetermined term due to personal reasons, one which is the absence of motivation. The head of the organization has noticed that the loss of the 15 years old player can make a great impact on the team’s results as the cyber-sportsman was in a great shape.

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Together with Sergej, the team won a row of inland tournaments, including NeSA, Finals and Nordic Championship Season 1. Also, the team took part in SL i-League Invitational #2 and IeSF World Championship, however, was not lucky to achieve its goals.

The actual HAVU roster:

Jesse «KHRN» Grandell
Mikko «xartE» Välimaa
Aleksi «Aleksib» Virolainen
Otto «ottoNd» Sihvo (trial)
Taneli «disturbed» Veikkola (backup)
Toni «toNppa» Luhtapuro (coach)