S1mple and Seized were invited to HTC 2vs2 Invitational

Players of Natus Vincere, Oleksandr «s1mple» Kostyliev and Denis «seized» Kostin will play in the 2vs2 tournament at HTC 2vs2 Invitational on May 13. Previously the representatives of G2 eSports and Team Secret Female were honored with direct invites. 8 teams will compete in the tournament and all of them will get to the championship with a help of invitations.

The full list of participants:

  Natus Vincere
  G2 eSports
  Team Secret
  Oleksandr «s1mple» Kostyliev and Denis «seized» Kostin
  Richard «shox» Papillon and Kenny «kennyS» Schrub
  Julia «juliano» Kiran and Zainab «zAAz» Turkie


HTC 2vs2 CS:GO Invitational will take place in PGL studio, Bucharest, Romania, on May 13 – 14. The prize pool for the tournament is $50,000. The winners of the event will get the main prize of $20,000.