Rumors: mousesports want to sign STYKO

Recently, neL, the founder of portal and one of the influential insiders, told that mousesports want to exchange STYKO from HellRaisers for Spiidi or denis.

Also, the insider told that both parts are currently on the stage of negotiations about a possible transfer. According to neL, mousesports might have excluded two esportsmen from their CS:GO roster.

Currently, neither players nor organization commented this situation which means that this is only rumors.

Timo «Spiidi» Richter and Denis «denis» Howell have been playing for mousesports CS:GO-roster since 2015. Spiidi in an in-team captain of the roster.

Mousesports roster:

Chris «chrisJ» de Jong
Denis «denis» Howell
Timo «Spiidi» Richter
Tomas «oskar» Stastny
Christian «loWel» Antoran
Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov (coach)