Review of DreamHack Summer 2017

The tournament DreamHack Summer 2017 has been over recently, the team SK Gaming has become its champion. The time has come to make a conclusion.

[The organizing of the tournament]

First of all, we have to remind that the company, which has a great experience in hosting of tournaments — DreamHack was organizing the tournament. No big technical issues were detected during the tournament in Jönköping. DreamHack could not go wrong with invited talents. Alex «Machine» Richardson, who is beloved by lots of viewers, was a host of the tournament and one of Team Liquid players, Jacob «Pimp» Winneche was sitting at the studio of analytics.

[The analysis of each team]

The 8th place — Cloud9

The American team participated in the tournaments in the worst way. Being one of the favorites at the group stage, Cloud9 lost two matches and finished the group stage with the worst statistic among all participants of the tournament. I decided to put the team on the 3rd place in my preview after their confident victory at Americas Minor Championship 2017 — Krakow but Cloud9 could surprise me and all fans and, also, fans cheering for one of the most famous American teams in a bad way. If Cloud9 continues to participate in such way, they will not see the invitation to the LAN-final of PGL Krakow Major 2017.

The prize of Cloud9 — $2,000

The 7th place — Team Singularity

The Danish team could not satisfy expectations of their fans and the rest of viewers, who were following DreamHack Summer 2017. Despite expectations from the team were not so big. I put Team Singularity on the 6th place due to mousesports and Counter Logic Gaming had to be weaker teams than the Danish roster. However, Counter Logic Gaming made a pleasant surprise for all viewers and mousesports participated better than they were expected but, however, they didn’t come out to the playoff.

The prize of Team Singularity — $2,000

The 6th place — Gambit eSports

The only representative of the CIS region at DreamHack Summer 2017, as two previous participants, could not satisfy entrusted expectations. The team was in a good shape but something went wrong. Gambit eSports, according to lots of viewers, had to come out to the playoff and, in a best case, to the final of the tournament but Zeus and his mates held only the 6th place this time.

The prize of Gambit eSports — $3,000

The 5th place — mousesports

The European mix mousesports became one of 4 teams, which showed at the tournament more than they were expected by viewers, analysts and other spectators of the championship. Mousesports beat Team Singularity in their group but due to the presence of more competitive teams, the European mix didn’t get to the playoff. The deserved place of the team mousesports is the 5th place in the tournament table.

The prize of mousesports — $3,000

The 4th place — Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming can be called «a dark horse» of DreamHack Summer 2017. On the basis of bad recent results, many viewers considered Counter Logic Gaming as an underdog, which would not come out from the group stage. But this tournament was full of unexpected turns, so CLG held the 4th place instead of the expected 8th place.

The prize of Counter Logic Gaming — $10,000

The 3rd place — Immortals

Immortals are the Brazilian team, which could show a great game at the tournament and become the bronze medalist. Few people believed in the Brazilians to get to the playoff and to compete with best teams in the tournament for the coming out to the final. But despite this, Immortals participated in the best way among all participants of the tournament at the group stage. Having overcome mousesports with a score 16:6 and SK Gaming with a score 16:10, Immortals held the 1st place with a statistic 2-0. The team could not stand against Fnatic at the playoff. However, the Brazilians came out to the playoff and rightly held the 3rd place at DreamHack Summer 2017.

The prize of Immortals — $10,000

The 2nd place — Fnatic

Fnatic is the team, which has shown the great performance at the tournament and proved everyone that the old/new roster of the Swedish organization still can show good results. Olofmeister and his team could come out not only to the playoff but fight their way to the final. Besides this, Fnatic destroyed SK Gaming in the decisive series on de_overpass with a score 16:4, which had not been done by any participant of DreamHack Summer 2017. I think that Fnatic is the main sensation of the tournament. The Swedes have proved that we will see them not only at once at the tournaments with a huge prize pool and, maybe, we will see them as triumphant.

The prize of Fnatic — $20,000

The 1st place — SK Gaming

The Brazilian team has recently headed the list of best CS:GO teams in the world, according to, and proved its honorable and deserved title with winning the third tournament in a row. The trophy of cs_summit 2017 has become the 1st in the victory series, Intel Extreme Masters XII - Sydney — the 2nd one and DreamHack Summer 2017 — the 3rd victory, accordingly. FalleN and the team is in the great shape at the moment and, probably, on the peak of their shape. It is worth to notice about one of players, Marcelo «coldzera» David has received the next reward of the best player of the tournament from How long will the victory series of SK Gaming continue at the tournaments? How many cups will the Brazilians take in their ownership? SK Gaming will not make us wait for an answer to this question for a long time.

[Answers to the questions, which were asked in the preview]

In my preview, I asked three the most interesting questions related to the tournament. DreamHack Summer 2017 has come to the end and answers to the questions have been received.

1. How kNg will influence the development of Immortals? How far will the Brazilian team go in the summer tournament from DreamHack?

It is worth to start with the fact that one player of Immortals, Vito «kNg» Giuseppe is on the trial period at the moment. After the organization to sign kNg, Immortals could hold the 2nd place at Americas Minor Championship 2017 — Krakow. After the Minor tournament, Immortals entered the top three teams of DreamHack Summer 2017, the tournament, in which strongest teams in the world took part. Considering all these, we can easily state that kNg influences on Immortals in a positive way. Vito Giuseppe is in the Brazilian team less than a month and the team has already shown good results.

2. Can SK Gaming prove their status of the best team in the world on the upcoming event? Can FalleN and his team become the champions of DreamHack Summer 2017?

Undoubtedly, SK Gaming has protected one more time the title of the best CS:GO team in the world, according to not only but to many viewers. The triumphal victory at DreamHack Summer 2017, as it was mentioned before, is the 3rd in a row in the actual victory series of SK Gaming. Marcelo David has proved again that he is rightly one of the best CS:GO players in the world having received one more MVP reward from

3. What to expect from Fnatic? How far can a Swedish roster pass? Will the bad streak end on this event?

Fnatic could be expected everything. This roster could not gain a shape and start showing good results but Olofmeister with his guys surprised a public at this tournament. Considering their last achievements and the shape, I decided to put Fnatic on the 4th place but I didn’t guess a little. Swedes got higher and became the vice-champions of the tournament. We can’t say that their bad streak in the career has finished but the only one thing is clear: Fnatic will be able to show themselves at the world arena and will amaze us.

[The results of the tournament]

[Statistic/Interesting facts]