Renegades signed a contract with Nexa

The information about Nemanja «nexa» Isaković to join the ranks of the Australian team Renegades has appeared. The eSportsman will join the main roster very soon and you could remember this 19 years old player by his participations at WESG EU & CIS finals.

The comment of the team’s manager, Chris «GoMeZ» Orfanellis:

«We felt discussing strategies and tactics in person would accelerate the learning curve while building a bond between teammates. We had a hugely successful bootcamp against European teams and cannot wait to get started with our Official matches in ECS Season 3 and the remaining weeks of ESL. Also, the team will be competing at IEM Sydney and the Asian Minor within the next month.»

It is worth considering that despite his young age, Nemanja has played in lots of semi-professional teams and has such achievements as the victory at VitalBet Balkan Pro League - Finals and the 2nd place at Serbian First League - Season 2.

The renewed roster of Renegades:

Aaron «AZR» Ward
Justin «jks» Savage
Karlo «USTILO» Pivac
Noah «Nifty» Francis
Nemanja «nexa» Isaković