Renegades and TyLoo fought their way to the closed qualifiers to PGL Major Krakow

The qualifiers to the closed offline qualification to PGL Major Krakow have been over in the Asian region, according to their results Renegades and TyLoo will go to Poland. 8 teams took part in the open qualifiers, which divided among each other the prize pool in the sum of $50,000 and two slots at the offline qualification.

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The bracket of the Asian qualifiers:

The full list of participants of the closed qualification:

G2 eSports
Team Liquid
OpTic Gaming

American minor #1
American minor #2
European minor #1
European minor #2
European minor #3
CIS minor #1
CIS minor #2


The closed qualifiers are scheduled on dates from June 29 to July 7 in Krakow, Poland. 8 teams to show themselves the best will receive the right to play in the final stage of PGL Major Krakow, where teams will struggle for the prize pool in the sum of $1,000,000.