pro100 said goodbye to def and Art1st

Vyacheslav ‘Art1st’ Lyadnov joined the collective on probation and after he performed at Good Game League and Kalashnikov Cup Season 2 being a player of pro100, the esportsman didn’t have good statistics. That’s why pro100 decided not to continue collaborating with this player.

The contact of Dmitry ‘def’ Lemeschuk and the organization has terminated and now the player is a free agent.

YEKINDAR reported about the decision to return Leonard 'kenzor' Volodarchuk to pro100. The player had been sent to reserve.

This means that only two players, Flarich and kenzor is still playing for the initial roster of pro100 that has been signed on 9 May 2017, that was represented by def and Flarich as well.

Now roster of pro100 is the following:

Ivan ‘AiyvaN’ Semenets
Vadim ‘Flarich’ Karetin
Mareks ‘YEKINDAR’ Galinskis
Leonard ‘kenzor’ Volodarchuk
Arseniy ‘ceh9’ Trynozhenko