Orbit signed a new roster CS:GO

Swedish esports organization Orbit announced about signing the Brazilian CS:GO roster. Ex-players of G3nerationX and CNB will join the team Orbit.

In the previous roster of Orbit, ex-Mortal Kombat players were the members. That roster was dismissed in 2 months as the team achieved nothing.

Jean Michel «mch» D'Oliveira, Vito «kNg» Jiuseppe and Caike «caike» Costa came from G3nerationX to Orbit. Victor «bld V» Junqueira and Renato «nak» Nakano moved to the team from CNB eSports Club. All players will move to Göteborg, Sweden where the main office of the organization is located.

Team Orbit was founded in 2013. In a year, they signed the first CS:GO roster. Andreas «maxAki» Andersson, Alexander «SKYTTEN» Carlsson, Jonas «pb» Petterson and Jacob «pyth» Mourujärvi joined the team. In April 2015, CS:GO roster was dismissed.

New roster of Team Orbit:

Renato «nak» Nakano
Jean Michel «mch» D'Oliveira
Vito «kNg» Jiuseppe
Caike «caike» Costa
Victor «bld V» Junqueira