OpTic Gaming completed a roster for a new season

OpTic Gaming organization revealed a new CS:GO roster for the upcoming season. It got three replacements – the new players of the team are Aleksi «allu» Jalli, Adam «friberg» Friberg, and Emil «Magisk» Reif. It should be mentioned that currently, the vacant position is taken by Keith «NAF» Markovic, but the organization considers signing Kevin «HS» Tarn.

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The first matches the team will play in the 6 season of ESL Pro League in Northern America. Keith «NAF» Markovic told that he will play for OpTic during the first week of the championship, and then he will leave the roster.

OpTic Gaming roster for EPL:

Oscar «mixwell» Cañellas
Aleksi «allu» Jalli
Adam «friberg» Friberg
Emil «Magisk» Reif
Keith «NAF» Markovic
Chet «ImAPet» Singh (coach)