One more player left ex-Space Soldiers

The esportsman reported that he was going to stay in Europe and to continue his performance on the professional level in this very division.

As a reminder, the five players left Space Soldiers in October last year when the organization hadn’t given the players their salary for a long time. In December 2018, XANTARES left for BIG, leaving his teammates to play without him. A month ago MAJ3R decided to follow the example of XANTARES and when he got an opportunity to join the esports organization, Engin Kupeli didn’t lose it and since that moment he has been playing for the tag Team LDLC. Yester Calyx left ex-Space Soldiers having understood that in this case he needed to change anything, and today it was Yam. Calyx as well as же Yam said that he was ready to continue his performing in Europe, but he could also move to North America.

Now ex-Space Soldiers is represented by Ahmet ‘paz’ Karahoca and Omer ‘imoRR’ Karatas.