NRG eSports changed CS:GO roster

American esports organization announced signing of a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster for 2017 season.

Earlier, NRG eSports lost Fatih «gob b» Dayik, Nikola «LEGIJA» Ninic and Johannes «tabseN» Wodarz. To replace these 3 players, NRG eSports invited Damian «daps» Steele, Omar «MarkE» Jimenez and Vincent «Brehze» Cayonte.

Gob b and LEGIJA joined the team on January 22, 2016, and tabseN became a team member on May 27. The only achievement of this roster was the success during DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016 qualifiers. Probably, the roster was dismissed because of the disappointing results.

Currently, it is still unknown who will take a captain position instead of gob b who left the team.

The freshly signed Damian «daps» Steele was a player for OpTic Gaming. Together with the team, he managed to become a champion of ELEAGUE Road to Vegas, American Minor Championship - Cologne 2016 and ZOTAC 10 Year Anniversary World Cup.

As for Brehz, during the last year he managed to take a win on WESG 2016 Americas Finals.

A Mexican player Omar «MarkE» Jimenez does not have some spectacular achievements except for the winning on WESG 2016 - Mexico Qualifier and the third place on WESG 2016 Americas Finals.

NRG eSports new roster:

Peter «ptr» Gurney
Jacob «FugLy» Medina
Vincent «BrehzE» Cayonte
Omar «MarkE» Jimenez
Damian «daps» Steele