NiKo and rain were invited to HTC 2vs2 Invitational by PGL

The organizers of the tournament with an unusual format have invited two players of FaZe Clan: Nikola «NiKo» Kovac and Havard «rain» Nygaard.

Previously pairs of players from such teams as EnVyUs, Natus Vincere, G2 Esports and Team Secret were invited.

The tournament will be hosted in the capital of Romania, Bucharest from May 13 to May 14. The prize pool of the tournament will be $50,000. The winner will receive the main money prize in the sum of $20,000 and the silver prize winner will earn $10,000.

The tournament will be carried out in two steps: the group stage and the playoff. 4 best teams will be determined among 8 participants in the group stage, they will go to the playoff with a double-elimination bracket.

The participants of the tournament:

G2 Esports: Richard «shox» Papillon & Kenny «kennyS» Schrub
Team Secret: Zainab «zAAz» Turkie & Julia «juliano» Kiran
Natus Vincere: Aleksandr «s1mple» Kostyliev & Denis «seized» Kostin
Team EnVyUs: Vincent «Happy» Schopenhauer & Adil «ScreaM» Benrlitom
FaZe Clan: Nikola «NiKo» Kovač & Håvard «rain» Nygaard