New details of LOOT.BET NEE Cup

The organizers of LOOT.BET NEE Cup announced the detailed schedule of the event.

LOOT.BET Nations Elite Esports Cup will take place on December 12 – 17. The prize pool for the event is €25,000 (~$29,500), and 8 teams will fight for it.

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The group stage will be played in Round Robin system with bo3 matches. After the group stage, 4 best teams will get to the play-off with Single Elimination bracket. All matches except for Grand Final will be played in bo3 format. The decisive match will be played in bo5.

Event schedule:

Tuesday, December 12

16:00 Team LDLC vs Windigo
18:30 GODSENT vs AlienTech
21:00 AGO vs SuperJymy

Wednesday, December 13

16:00 Team Kinguin vs LPSP
18:30 Team LDLC vs GODSENT
21:00 AlienTech vs Windigo

Thursday, December 14

16:00 GODSENT vs Windigo
18:30 AlienTech vs Team LDLC
21:00 Team Kinguin vs SuperJymy

Friday, December 15

17:00 Team Kinguin vs AGO
19:30 LPSP vs SuperJymy
22:00 AGO vs LPSP

Saturday, December 16

17:00 Semifinal #1
20:00 Semifinal #2

Sunday, December 17

15:00 Grand final