New details of ESL One Cologne 2017

The organizers of the tournament revealed new details about the upcoming ESL One Cologne 2017. Now, the full schedule of the playing days is known.

After ESL consulted with esports concerning holding the group stage, the organizers decided to choose Swiss system for this stage. 10 out of 16 teams voted for it. Remaining teams gave their votes for Double Elimination bracket for the group stage.

ESL One Cologne 2017 will take place in Cologne, Germany on July 2 – 9. Lanxess Arena will host the event with the prize pool of $250,000. After the group stage, the participants will move to play-off stage with Single Elimination bracket. All matches will be played in bo3 format, and the Grand Final will be played in bo5 format.

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Tournament schedule:

Tuesday, July 4

13:00 Group Stage Day 1

Wednesday, July 5

13:00 Group Stage Day 2

Thursday, July 6

13:00 Group Stage Day 3

Friday, July 7


11:00 Quarter-final #1
14:50 Quarter-final #2
18:40 Quarter-final #3
22:30 Quarter-final #4

Saturday, July 8

17:00 Semi-final #1
20:50 Semi-final #2

Sunday, July 9

17:00 Grand final

ESL One Cologne 2017 will be the first tournament, the winning on which will be counted for getting Intel Grand Slam. You can read what Intel Grand Slam stands for on our portal.