Nak created a new team

A Brazilian esportsman Renato «nak» Nakano informed that he’s created his own CS:GO team.

After the breakup of Red Reserve roster, Luminosity Gaming ex-player was looking for an opportunity to continue his career of CS:GO player.

Nak decided to reconnect with Victor «bld» Rocha and invite Wesley «GW» Vinicius, Leonardo «leo_druNky» Oliveira and Denner «KHTEX» Barchfield to his team.

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Renato «nak» Nakano has wrote on his official Facebook page:

«We are very excited and with great expectations about how far this team can go.

We have a long road ahead, our practices start on Monday. We are not playing for any organisation. If there is anyone out there interested, you can leave me a message.»

Roster of the new team:

Renato «nak» Nakano
Victor «bld» Rocha
Wesley «GW» Vinicius
Leonardo «leo_druNky» Oliveira
Denner «KHTEX» Barchfield