Mortal Kombat disbanded

Mortal Kombat players announced that the team was disbanded.

After the players did not manage to find their own game style and they were on a trail of failures.

The players met a huge number of difficulties during the past month after they left The Imperial organization and lost one of the key players, Kamen «bubble» Kostadinov.

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Instead of bubble who left the team, Mortal Kombat tried to play with Branislav «BrN» Panov. Together with the esportsman, the team tried to reach success in online tournaments such as NGC Masters and Hellcase Cup #6.

Mortal Kombat players decided to continue their career in different teams, but Viktor «v1c7oR» Dyankov announced that he will keep playing with Simeon «dream3r» Ganev in one team.

Viktor Dyankov commentaries:

«In the last few months, while bubble was still in the squad, we tried to make the right choices and find the perfect playstyle that fits us. Unfortunately, it didn't work out great, which caused the departure of bubble.

We decided to give it another shot with our trial BrN, but bad stuff happened lately, we didn't listen to each other, so a bad mood and nerves started getting to us. We lost the last events the same way like before, and at last, me and dream3r decided to stop trying it out this way."

We would like to wish the best of luck to spyleadeR, sHEMETA, and BrN, we wish them to achieve great things with their new rosters. Me and dream3r will try to stick together in the future. You can reach us via».

Mortal Kombat roster was as following:

Simeon «dream3r» Ganev
Viktor «v1c7oR» Dyankov
Hristian «shEMETA» Spasov
Emiliyan «spyleadeR» Dimitrov
Branislav «BrN» Panov