Malek will play for team EnVyUs in the qualifiers to ELEAGUE Major

Cedric «RpK» Guipouy will not be able to play for Team EnVyUs at the main qualification to ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 today.

A coach of the team Damien «maLeK» Marcel will play instead of him.

RpK’s teammate Adil «ScreaM» Benrlitom confirmed an information about his poor health.

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It is worth to notice that Damien «maLeK» Marcel has not had an experience of performing at the large professional LAN championships. Before this, he played few matches online as a stand-in against FaZe Clan.

At the moment, EnVyUs is in one step from an elimination as it has a statistic 1-2. Today, they will play at 23:15.

If EnVyUs wins today, RpK will not be able to play the next matches due to the rule that says that if player is substituted on the roster, he will not be able to return to the main line-up at the tournament.

The roster of Team EnVyUs looks in the following way for the rest of matches of ELEAGUE Major 2018 Main Qualifier:

Vincent «Happy» Schopenhauer
Christophe «SIXER» Xia
Alexandre «xms» Forté
Adil «ScreaM» Benrlitom
Damien «maLeK» Marcel

Cédric «RpK» Guipouy (stand-in)