Maikelele announced a new roster of QWERTY

Faruk «pita» Pita returns to playing positions.

Mikail «Maikelele» Bill announced fresh information about his new team. The team named QWERTY was gathered from scratch. Currently, the roster does not have a sponsor, but they are looking for the offers. All players from the roster have been inactive recently.

Mikail, who has previously been a substitute for NiP, invited Faruk «pita» Pita. For the past two years, pita has been coaching other rosters. Later, John «wenton» Eriksson, Fredrik «slap» Junbrant and Simon «atter» Atterstam joined the roster. They have previously played for Fnatic, Escape Gaming and Metapods correspondingly.

John «wenton» Eriksson comments:

«I am happy to finally announce our new lineup. We actually began working on this project in July this summer, but the work was put on hold due to both me and Maikelele taking part in different endeavors with the two Swedish giants Fnatic and NiP. As of early November this project is resumed – and the feeling within the team is better than ever before. We have a great mix of individuals with different skill sets, as well as a great work ethic – the latter being something that I think is especially hard to come by these days. With pita taking on the leader-role within the team I’m certain that Sweden can bring another top contending team into the scene».

Qwerty roster:

Mikail «Maikelele» Bill
Faruk «pita» Pita
John «wenton» Eriksson
Fredrik «slap» Junbrant
Simon «atter» Atterstam