JW and olofmeister together again

On the official site of the Swedish organization Fnatic, the information appeared that the team gets back a champion roster.  Robin «flusha» Rönnquist  and Jesper «JW» Wecksell joined the organization.

Swedish reshuffle started in August 2016 when Freddy «KRiMZ" Johansson, Robin «flusha» Rönnquist  and Jesper «JW» Wecksell joined GODSENT. Simon «twist» Eliasson, Jonas «Lekr0» Olofsson and John «wenton» Eriksson were transferred to Fnatic.

Both teams had some problems, and at the end of October, the teams decided to exchange players again. Freddy «KRiMZ» Johansson returned to Fnatic, while Jonas «Lekr0» Olofsson rejoined with Fnatic.

However, the teams decided to make replacements again. Olof and the company replaced John «wenton» Eriksson with Joakim «disco doplan» Gidetun . With this roster, they participated in ELEAGUE Major, where they took 4th position.

Updated roster of Fnatic:

Olof «olofmeister» Kajbjer
Dennis «dennis» Edman
Robin «flusha» Rönnquist
Jesper «JW» Wecksell
Freddy «KRiMZ» Johansson