Immortals signs kNg on trial period

The Brazilian team announced signing ex-AWP of Red Reserve Vito «kNg» Giuseppe on trial period.

Previously, Lincoln «fnx» Lau left Immortals. He has been playing for the team from February 5 till May 15. The management of the team was considering to sign Joao «horvy» Horvath, k1ck eSports Club player, but chose Vito «kNg» Giuseppe.

22 years old esportsman played for Red Reserve, but left the main roster at the beginning of the May together with Caike «caike» Costa and Jean-Michel «mch» D’Oliveira. At the same time, kNg told that he is open to offers of the organizations that are ready to buy his contract.

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Currently, Red Reserve lease the player to Immortals so that they can test kNg.

At this moment, there is no information about kNg’s position as the team has AWP player, Henrique «HEN1» Teles.

Immortals will debut with a new roster on ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals that will take place on May 30 – June 4 in Dallas, Texas.

Immortals now field the following team:

Henrique «HEN1» Teles
Lucas «LUCAS1» Teles
Ricardo «boltz» Prass
Lucas «steel» Lopes
Vito «kNg» Giuseppe (trial)

Rafael «zakk» Fernandes (coach)