Immortals signed zqkS

The Brazilian eSports organization has announced that had signed Caio «zqkS» Fonseca.

Before joining Immortals, Caio Fonseca used to play in the North American team Ghost Gaming. zqkS becomes the fifth regular player of Immortals.

Initially, the Brazilians wanted to sign Gustavo «yeL» Knittel, Alencar «trk» Rossato and Pedro «Maluk3» Campos after the departure of the brothers Teles and kNgV-. After their ideas were not realized, Immortals arranged with Lucas «destiny» Bullo, Joao «horvy» Horvath and Caio «zqkS» Fonseca about a partnership.

Lucas «destiny» Bullo, that had joined the team last week on a probationary period, has moved on a permanent basis, while Bruno «shz» Martinelli will return to Tempo Storm after two matches with Immortals.

zqks unites with steel and boltz in the new team, with whom he played at ESL One Katowice 2015.

With regards to horvy, he received a long-expected permission to P-1 visa and is at the bootcamp together with his team.

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The Immortals roster:

Ricardo «boltz» Prass
Lucas «steel» Lopes
Lucas «destiny» Bullo
João «horvy» Horvath
Caio «zqkS» Fonseca

Rafael «zakk» Fernandes (coach)