Immortals are the champions of DreamHack Summer 2016

Immortals are the champions of DreamHack Summer 2016

A team from Brazil (ex-Tempo Storm) won final match against NiP in CS:GO DreamHack Summer 2016.

During 3 days 8 best teams competed for 100 000$ reward.

ENCE eSports and HellRaisers left championship after several crushing defeats. SK Gaming and Epsilon eSports took the third place in tournament table.

In semifinal, Ninjas in Pyjamas played against Astralis and won with [2:1] score, and Immortals defeated GODSENT with the same score. In final match, Brazilian team played against Swedish. Thanks to prominent skills and mastery of all team members, team gained  DH Summer 2016 Champion title. This is the first win of Immortals.

Joao "felps" Vasconcellos commentaries:

"It was a heavy weight off our shoulders, because we were not good at the major qualifier and we didn't start well here either, so the criticism was huge, but we proved everybody that we are Brazilians, and Brazilians don't give up."

Prize pool distribution:

Immortals - $50 000

Ninjas in Pyjamas - $20 000

Astralis - $10 000

GODSENT - $10 000

Epsilon eSports - $3 000

SK Gaming - $3 000

ENCE eSports - $2 000

HellRaisers - $2 000