IEM Katowice Major 2019: Natus Vincere made it to the semifinal

On the first map FaZe Clan started their game pretty well but after the score of 8-2 for the Europeans, Natus Vincere pulled themselves together and made a comeback. In the end, Inferno resulted in 16-13.

Everything was much easier on Mirage. Na’Vi improved their game as they won over FaZe on the previous map, moral of the CIS roster was totally OK.

For those who missed the match, we recommend you to watch it. The game was full of interesting moments, such as when flamie gave pistol ace on Inferno.

Today we are going to get to know the name of the second semifinalist. The results of the match Liquid vs ENCE will define the participants that will end up having the 5-8 place, and the players that will continue fighting for the main money reward of $500,000.