Hiko and peacemaker joined OpTic Gaming

The news appeared that OpTic Gaming organization found a stand-in for Peter «stanislaw» Jarguz. Spencer «Hiko» Martin officially joined the team.

The information about Spencer «Hiko" Martin transfer appeared about a week ago, but it was not officially confirmed. When the captain of OpTic Gaming left the roster, the team lost its leader, and the management of the organization decided to sign a coach Luis «peacemaker» Tadeu.

With the updated roster, the team will participate in IEM Katowice 2017 and DreamHack Las Vegas 2017. We should mention that the roster achieved direct invites to both events.

OpTic Gaming updated roster:

Will «RUSH» Wierzba
Keith «NAF» Markovic
Tarik «tarik» Celik
Oscar «mixwell» Cañellas
Spencer «Hiko» Martin