Heroic and Gambit eSports will go to WCA 2017 Finals

The Danish team managed to win European qualifiers to World Cyber Arena 2017.

In the final match between Heroic and Gambit eSports, the Danish team defeated Gambit with 2-1 score (16-7 on de_nuke; 14:16 on de_mirage; 16-11 on de_train).

Snappi and his team got $26,208 and a place in World Cyber Arena 2017 Finals, that will be held on December 17 – 22 in China. The details about prize pool and the venue of the LAN-final, the organizers will announce later.

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Gambit eSports, who took the second place in European qualifiers, also got the invite to the LAN-final, but their prize in this championship was $10,920.

In three days, the match between Natus Vincere and BIG for the third place will be placed. In the result of this game, we will get to know which team will complete their participation in WCA 2017, and who will get the event to the final stage.

WCA 2017 Europe tournament table:

Place USD ¥  CNY Seed Team
1st $26,208.69 ¥ 174,000 WCA 2017 Finals Heroic
2nd $10,920.29 ¥ 72,500 WCA 2017 Finals Gambit eSports
3rd $4,368.11 ¥ 29,000 WCA 2017 Finals TBD
4th $2,184.06 ¥ 14,500 - TBD
5th-8th - - - Japaleno
FlipSid3 Tactics
Space Soldiers
AGO Gaming
9th-12th - - - Seed
tRICKED eSport
HAVU Gaming
Vega Squadron
13th-16th - - - HellRaisers
Team Dignitas
Team Kinguin
17th-20th - - - Team Singularity