Groups of ESL Pro League Season 6 were announced

Today, organizers of EPL #6 have published the seeding of groups on their official Twitter account.

Let’s remind that ESL consulted cyber-sportsmen and created the system of seeding teams by groups that would be run by the players.

You can read about this in details in our material.

Groups of ESL Pro League Season 6 look as follows:

Group Yellow Group Red
FaZe Clan
Team Liquid
Luminosity Gaming
OpTic Gaming
SK Gaming
Ninjas in Pyjamas
NRG eSports

The final stage of EPL #6 will take place on December 5-10. The general prize pool will amount $750,000. The winner earns the main monetary prize in the sum of $225,000. Sparekassen Fyn Arena that is situated in the Danish city Odense will be a venue.