Gambit eSports won WESG 2017 Central Asia

AdreN and his team won WESG 2017 and qualified to Asia Pacific Finals.

From now on, the Kazakhs will compete with other participants from SEA in the final match, and will compete for one of 6 invites to WESG 2017 World Finals.

Except for Gambit eSports, such teams as Tengri, Team Kyrgyzstan and TulpaR also participated in Middle Asia. It should be mentioned that Gambit lost any map in the matches against opponents. In the semifinal, they defeated Tengri with 2-0 score, and in the final match - Team Kyrgyzstan with the same result.

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Currently, we know only 6 participants of WESG 2017 Asia Pacific Finals: Flash Gaming, NEW4, Chosen5, SZ Absolute, Gambit eSports and Fire Dragoon eSports.

Gambit eSports roster of WESG 2017:

Dauren «AdreN» Kystaubayev
Rustem «mou» Telepov
Abay «HObbit» Khassenov
Bektiyar «fitch» Bahytov
Sanzhar «neaLaN» Ishkakov