G2 eSports acquired the second roster

The team, previously played under the tag Team MRN, has signed contracts with a famous organization G2 eSports and will protect the colors of the French eSports club. The Spanish roster has already received the support of sponsors in the face of the mobile network operator Vodafone and will play on the professional scene titled as G2.Vodafone.

The 2nd place at Madrid Gaming Experience 2016 and the championship at Liga de Videojuegos Profesional - Season 11: Final Cup are worth to be noticed in the list of the Spanish team’s achievements. The first matches under the new tag for guys start at ESL Masters Spain this year on April 17.

The roster of G2.Vodafone:

Rajohn «EasTor» Linato
Alfredo «enanoks» Alvarez
Marcos «aer0z» González Ochoa
Carlos «peelk» Barrio
Aaron «nmt» Awad