FACEIT made changes to the system of organizing of ECS

From now on, the league will be hosted in the format of weekly tournaments. $25,000 will be up for grabs each week and the general prize pool of the league ECS Season 7 will amount $125,000, respectively. A winner of the first three weekly leagues will earn invites to a LAN final, while the rest two owners of invites will be determined with a help of earning the biggest number of points. There is no information about what will happen if the same team wins weekly leagues at the moment. It's difficult enough to understand the system and everything will become clear later but despite this, the new approach to hosting Esports Championship Series can be called interesting at least and innovative in some terms. It's worth to notice the fact that that all matches will be hosted in a bo3 format without an exception.

The co-founder of FACEIT, Mikele Attisani has given an interview to HLTV, in which said that participants of the league had liked the new format of ECS.

He said the following in it:

"We have tried to find the format that suits the scene and the ecosystem and doesn't make pressure on teams and players. Of course, the players like the format because they can play less matches and avoid schedule issues. Matches will create a lot of interest. Money is the same and matches are fewer. In theory, a team can advance to a LAN final, having won only three bo3s."