Ex-players of TYLOO created a team

captainMo, DD, and TYLOO’s ways parted at the beginning of 2019 and AttackeR and Summer, who, in turn, had previously represented TYLOO, held positions of the former players.

The rest of the players of One Three are HZ, AE, and Karsa. Before April 26, HZ had represented Panda Gaming, AE had played in TSGaming and Karsa’s last team had been Flash Gaming. It’s worth to notice that Karsa had been training the players of TYLOO for a long time and was on the roster of the Chinese organization as a leased player from Flash Gaming.

One Three will play in an open qualification to the second Major tournament, which will take place in Berlin. The first Chinese open qualifiers will be hosted on May 19-20 and the second ones will be on May 22-23.

The roster of One Three:

Liu ‘captainMo’ Ke
Wu ‘DD’ Hui
QiFang ‘Karsa’ Su
Zhen ‘HZ’ Huang
Yu ‘AE’ Yue