European and CIS regional qualifiers for WESG 2017 will take place in Barcelona

The organizers of World Electronic Sports Games 2017 announced new details about the regional qualifiers to the championship.

The final matches of CIS and European division will take place in one of the biggest Spanish cities, Barcelona, on November 22 – 26. The venue for this event is NH Collection Barcelona Tower Hotel. The organizers will pay for the hotel where the players will stay.

The first details of WESG 2017 appeared on August when the organizers announced the series of qualifiers with prize pool of $1,500,000. Besides, the information was released that WESG 2017 would preserve the main rule for the teams: all team member should have the same nationality. This rule turns WESG 2017 into a world champion for national teams.

Subregional and national qualifiers will determine the participants that will go to LAN-final. The final stage of the tournament will take place on March 2018.

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$92,500 will be the prize pool for the regional qualifiers for all CS:GO teams. The prize pool for female league will be $16,000.

The prize pool for male league is distributed in the following way:

1 place — $40,000
2 place — $20,000
3 place — $10,000
4 place — $6,500
5-8 place — $4,000

The prize pool for female league is distributed in the following way:

1 place — $10,000
2 place — $4,000
3 place — $2,000

20 teams from 15 different countries and subregions will join the regional final.

The distribution of slots for regions will be as following:

Regions Slots
Russia 2
Ukraine 1
Poland 2
Baltics + Scandinavia 1
South CIS + Turkey 1
Eastern Europe 1
South-East Europe 1
Sweden 2
French + Monaco 2
Denmark 2
Germany 1
Benelux 1
Central Europe 1
UK 1
Iberia 1