ESL allow academies to participate in ESL One Cologne

Recently, the organizers of ESL One Cologne announced information that the academies will be allowed to participate in the tournament.

Before the start of the open ESL One Cologne qualifiers in Europe, the company reminded that each esports organization has a right for one license for the tournament. This right gives team a possibility to register the team (the academy or the starting roster) for the qualifiers.

If the organization has registered the academy for participation in the open qualifiers, the starting roster will not be able to participate neither in qualifiers not in the main event, and to the opposite.

It has been already known that Fnatic has registered the academy to ESL One Cologne open qualifiers. 7 more organizations have done the same.

ESL also told that they may make an exception for the organizations that have already registered the academy but decided to register the main roster instead of them. For that, the representatives of the organization must provide ESL management with the documents that prove that the academy roster will be sold or the contracts with the players will be terminated.